Clare’s RSM Market Visit to Germany

At the end of April I joined our MD Tony and the Reebok team for one of our RSM (Retail Space Management) Market Visits in Germany. This was my first market visit and I was looking forward to seeing the stores and working with the Reebok Germany and Global teams.

The purpose of these visits is to review how the retail spaces are performing and identify any areas that can be improved to increase productivity. We use the previous market visit report and current VM guides we produce for the stores as a benchmark to help identify non compliance and offer solutions.

Karstadt Sports, Berlin, Germany

Karstadt Sports, Berlin, Germany

On the first day we visited Karstadt Sports in Berlin where we identified some non Reebok standards in the space. We came up with an action plan with the team on how we could rectify these issues by moving the fixtures and re-merchandising the clothing to meet Reebok standards and improve the customer journey.

Reebok, Karstadt Sports, Berlin, Germany

Reebok, Karstadt Sports, Berlin, Germany

We also carried out a practical re merchandise of the space, leading and coaching the team to achieve the agreed outcome. At the end of the visit we discussed our thoughts and observations and what we could implement in the future to maintain consistent standards.

before after white new

Reebok, Karstadt Sports, Berlin, Germany

before after white

Reebok, Karstadt Sports, Berlin, Germany

The team were very pleased with the outcome!

On the second day we visited Karstadt Sports in Munich, where we went through a very similar process as the day before. The store has a dual gender department and had a lot of sale on the shop floor. We worked with the team on grouping collections together, updating the mannequins and moving sale out of key sightlines. The outcome led to the space having improved adjacencies and brand standards, therefore making it easier for the customer to shop.

munich before after white

Reebok, Karstadt Sports, Munich, Germany

After the trip we work in collaboration with Reebok global to produce a new report that the Germany team can refer to and use to help maintain brand standards and drive sales within the various spaces.

I had an exciting time visiting the stores in Germany and meeting the teams and I’m looking forward to my next market visit!

Clare Harman
Visual Manager