Richards take on The Everyday

March 30, 2015 Thoughts 0 Comments

The everyday

Colour, pattern and shape are everywhere, some are just happy accidents and some serve a purpose, composed and framed for a brief second as you happen to walk past. Looking up, taking notice and recognising the everyday can elevate the mundane to a higher status. The Spontaneity of this provides much of the inspiration for my work as a Visual Manager. Here are just a few examples of why you should take more notice…



Buildings at night become canvases for light and colour

 envelope secuirty patterns 3 a

Seeing spots – Envelope security patterns thought to have begun in Germany 1910



Abstract street art – urban mark ups


building_covent_gardenBold use of colours on building brighten up the sometimes very grey London skyline


envelope secuirty patternsOpening your bills can be interesting! – this envelope security pattern has throw backs to a 60’s Formica table top



A chance photo of a group of people that seem to be admiring empty space


stand_behind_the_yellow_lineYellow lines on a train platform. Functional and beautiful to look at – Vauxhall Station


franky_Check mate


envelope secuirty patterns 2More envelope security patterns


DSCF1576Colour on a monumental scale – Richard Tuttle at Tate Modern