Summer Exhibitions

We were very fortunate to visit two fantastic summer exhibitions “Breathing Colour” by  Hella Jongerius at the Design Museum and Plywood: Material of the Modern World at the V&A.

Both exhibitions gave fascinating and thought provoking insights in to two topics that are very relevant to us working within the the retail and design world.

Through her displays Hella Jongerious shows the effect that light has on colour and how we understand and interpret this, by using a variety of objects and textures to capture our imagination.

DSC02062 DSC02452 DSC02485 DSC02526Plywood and how it has developed and evolved to be one of the most versatile and popular materials for nearly two centuries is unsurprising when you consider the multitude of objects and products that are produced from this versatile material. Exploring how it is made, the processes involved and its continuing evolution in a digital age is fascinating.