Vicky’s thoughts – New Reebok store opening Paris

S.D.S: La Salle de Sport – Paris

Tuesday 25th July:

Wow super early start on Tuesday, I mean I am kind of used to them since having my little boy but getting up and out heading for the Eurostar at 4.30 am was tough! Yet I was really excited about getting back into the thick of things, reconnecting with colleagues old and new within the French Reebok VM team, so I thought bring it on.

Meeting up with Cigie and Tony we all travelled to Paris on the first Eurostar of the day, after a coffee and petit dejeuner, we refreshed our minds on the Store we were about to support and set up for opening.

On route to Paris to visual merchandis a new reebok store

Paris arrival


When arriving at a store as a VM you always have to be ready for anything and adapt to the surroundings you find yourself in, this day was no exception. On arriving at S.D.S la Salle de Sport we were greeted by builders, electricians, scaffolding and then through the dust we found the fabulous French VM team.

Anais and her team welcomed us with open arms and we all were instantly energised, safe in the knowledge we had a great task force team amid the construction chaos. So with dust masks at the ready we rolled up our sleeves and started finding equipment and setting up the fixtures.

Big hats off to the French VM and Store sales team, before heading out to Paris we had created product planograms for each fixture and they had prepared the product and taped the planogram layouts on to fixtures ready for us to implement. I always say the key is in the preparation and these guys didn’t disappoint.

Visual merchandising a new Reebok store

Paris set up day 1


Wednesday 26th July:

With the fixtures all set up we took some time to provide coaching and shared the Reebok VM principles with the new store sales team who were keen to learn and take on board what we had to say. It’s always a struggle with the language barrier but physically working together with product and equipment helped to cement their learnings from our morning coaching over coffee.

Visual merchansisng and training in new Reebok store

Paris set up day 2


Clare joined later that morning and we passed her the baton of support, I’m now back in the UK cracking on with other projects for Reebok, work still continues to get the store ready in time for opening, I cant wait to see the finished product and the big unveil!…

Visual Merchandising new reebok store

Ready for the big reveal