Dita Von Teese Overnight Installation - Selfridges


On Tuesday 1st September we were excited to begin an overnight installation in Selfridges, London. This was for the new and exclusive Dita Von Teese Pop up shop.

Dita Von Teese is the biggest name in burlesque in the world since Gypsy Rose Lee. Dita is credited with bringing the art form back into the spotlight with a new sense of elegance and sophistication. When designing products, Dita takes inspiration from her personal collection of vintage lingerie.

During the pop up shop design process we took inspiration from Dita’s Instagram posts, key visuals of Dita and a range of materials that capture both the burlesque and vintage flavour in a modern and relevant way. All of this comes together delivering a striking visual identity that showcases Dita’s lingerie collections and the new & exclusive loungewear.

It was a long night managing the Selfridges London installation . This was the culmination of months of work collaborating with Dita in LA and her teams in Melbourne and London on the design, development, procurement, production and installation process. We are very proud of the end result  and hope you get the chance to experience it yourself.

Here are some snapshots of that night

10.30pm: The deinstall of the previous pop up begins

Midnight: The floor fixtures begin to take shape

1.30am: The mannequins get a make over!

2.00am: The steaming and curtain making is underway!

3.00am: The walls start coming together

4.00am The finishing touches with product begins

5.00am: The final decals are applied

6.00am: The finished article!!