Lucia - My journey at TRC


Hi, I’m Lucia and I joined the TRC team for 2 weeks to undertake some work experience to gain a better understanding of what ‘creative visual merchandising and retail design agency’ really means. I’m currently studying History and Archaeology at Newcastle University about to enter into my final year. I am going to give you a little insight into my journey at TRC, I hope you enjoy.



After the many ‘hellos’, I sat down with each of the VM team and they gave me a detailed insight into what each of their roles in TRC are. I was then given my first task working alongside Richard and Kat, this was to design a window for an A/W jacket collection. Richard briefly explained the steps required for the design of a window; the first stage was to create mood boards. These are essential to gather ideas such as colour schemes, materials and images which would then be presented back to the client. I spent a couple of hours researching windows by using the internet and magazines which enabled me to gather some interesting and original ideas.

TASK 1: Continued….  I discussed my ideas with the VM team and we decided Idea 2 would be most appealing to our target market. I was presented with a template of the window and given a free reign on how I wanted to present my ideas. The only criteria was to create two window design solutions: one with a limited budget and one with unlimited budget.

Window Design
Window Design

TASK 1: Continued…. To create the low cost window I had to think carefully about the materials that would be more suitable within a budget. Unlike the unlimited budget window where the cloud will be made out of neon white tube lighting, the cloud in the low budget window will be simply a cardboard cut out. Another difference between the windows is edge glow acrylic will be used in the unlimited budget window to create the trees and birds which will stand in the fake snow. Due to the small budget and acrylic being fairly expensive, the trees will be neon stickers and the snow will be a white sticker which will be stuck onto the front of the low budget window. I presented my ideas back to the VM team who were impressed with my designs… well I hope they were!

TRC Team


The guys gave me a brief overview of their individual roles within TRC. They then gave me two templates of two different stores James and Seb had recently planned and asked me to design the store by cutting and sticking the fixtures required onto the template. To help me and provide me with some guidance, the guys gave me a store planning guide and two examples of other stores they had designed. I went away for a couple of days and this is what I came up with.

Store Plan
Store Plan

TASK 2: Continued…. Design 1 was a gentle starter store to design as the shape was an ‘easy’ one to plan, however to try something more challenging and to test my understanding, the second template I was given had an irregular shape. After presenting my designs back to the guys they showed me their designs of the stores, and surprisingly they were fairly similar to mine! (Success) My final task with the 3D team was to plan a store using Photoshop. I was given a template for a different client to the previous tasks which meant I had to take into consideration and understand their product and customer market. Once I had created my store on photo shop, Jon inputted my design into 3D Max, the outcome looks awesome!

Radley Store Plan
TRC Accounts Team


Apologies to Marilyn (who is also part of the Accounts Team), as she was not in the office the day I took the pictures for my blog. I worked with Andie and Marilyn to gain an understanding of the accounts function within TRC. I helped out with the reconciliation of the months expenditure and inputting the data into excel. I also must apologise to Jon as I was unfortunately not in the position to add a couple of zeros onto his salary….



Stacey has multiple roles in the TRC team, one of them is maintaining TRC’s social media platforms, managing their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest accounts. My task with Stacey was to create this blog about my time at TRC. I have never written a blog before, so I spent some time researching them, using websites such as Tumblr and Instagram to gather some ideas. On my last day, after many photo shoots of the team and finalising the text, Stacey showed me how to put my blog onto the website. My last day also entailed eating lots of cake and making silly videos… (

TRC celebrating Beyonce's birthday, Facebook


As I come to the end of my time at TRC, I can’t quite seem to believe how quickly these two weeks have flown by! (time flies when you’re having fun!) One thing is for definite, I have learnt so much from my experience here. Before I came, I was quite oblivious of the amount of time and effort that goes into store design and planning. After working with both the visual merchandising and 3D teams, my eyes have definitely been opened and I can now appreciate the concepts such as window design and store planning much more as I understand how it all works and comes together. The whole TRC team have been very welcoming and friendly, allowing me to quickly settle in as one of their own. I do hope they have enjoyed working with me as much as I have them. As I come to the end of my journey, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone as this experience has been invaluable and the skills I have acquired will be taken with me and adapted as I enter the big wide world.

Lucia at TRC