Max – My TRC experience


Hi I’m Max and this is a brief look into my work experience at TRC.

The first day consisted of meeting the entire team in order to gain an understanding of what each individual does and how it contributes to the success of TRC. It was interesting to see how the 3D team and the visual merchandising team work on projects separately but also collaborate to achieve the best outcome for the client.

My first task was to set up a model of a 3D room which I did with the help of Seb. This allowed me to use software I had never previously used before so getting the hang of it was difficult but beneficial.

VM Plans
3D VM Planning
3D VM Planning

Once the first task was completed I was asked to do a small “spot the difference” task whereby I was given images of both renders of a store, produced by the 3D team, and the pictures of the store when it was actually constructed. This was useful to see how closely the retail store followed TRCs instructions and what it did differently. Overall the store replicated the design almost perfectly, with the exception of some footwear display shelves being placed together instead of a few centimetres apart which the VM team will tell you is nothing short of a major crisis.

The final task was to design a Reebok store that has been placed in Wadi Plaza in Saudi Arabia. I was given the template of the store and also a brief informing me of what the store wanted to stock. This was extremely useful as I was given the opportunity to take everything I had learned so far at TRC, such as the customer journey and the general retail experience, and apply it to a design that would provide the client with what they wanted.

VM Plans
VM Plan for Wadi Plaza Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Overall my time at TRC has been extremely valuable to myself as an individual who wants to pursue a career in design. With the help of the entire team I have gained a lot of knowledge in the field of 3D design and also, unexpectedly, an interest in Visual Management which is fascinating how they almost control how you walk through a retail store and what you look at.

I would like to thank Tony for this amazing opportunity and for the advice that I will practice going forward. I would also like to thank Matt, Jon, James, Seb and Franky for their kindness and support and of course the rest of the team for being so welcoming and approachable.