Things the VM team found interesting last week


Here are four things the TRC VM team found interesting last week

Sourced Market

A good way to start the year…….
Retox vs Detox pop up store from Sourced Market in Old Street tube station. Choose between the healthy and the indulgent or mix it up a bit. Using the colour coded menu, decipher the saintly from the sinful!!

Miranda July

Miranda July on Strangers…….
You can tell a lot about someone you don’t know from the contents of their wallet. There’s also a lot that you can’t tell. Filmmaker, artist and writer Miranda July delivers a unique sermon that challenges our attitudes to strangers and asks us to be more adventurous and generous with how we interact with each other.

She has also just published her first novel, The First Bad Man, check it out

sport england this girl can

Great initiative…….
We love This Girl Can, a program from Sport England to inspire women to wriggle, giggle, move & prove that judgement is barrier that can be overcome.


A beautiful new video every day…….
NOWNESS is a video channel showcasing contemporary culture through film. Every day we premiere a new video that gets under the skin of the most influential names across art & design, fashion & beauty, music, culture and food & travel.

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