What inspired the VM team last week


Whilst we’re always very busy in the TRC office, we do get lunch breaks! This is a time when we discuss a variety of things that interest us. So we thought we’d share some of our thoughts, here are four things that the TRC VM team found interesting last week, with a bit of a theme……

Cereal Killer Cafe

Fun new retail….

A new café opened on Brick Lane called Cereal Killer serving 120 varieties of cereal, 20 different toppings & 30 types of milk all to buy by the bowl.

Open from 7am – 10pm there is never a wrong
time to eat cereal.


Cereal magazine.

Beautiful magazine….

Amazing images from around the world, travel and lifestyle articles along with a beautiful graphic layout an inspirational magazine, check it out.


serial social logo

Addictive listening…………

We can’t get enough of Serial, a podcast released weekly, with a massive online following Sarah Koenig shares with us the gripping true story of a murder in 1999, Adnan Syed is serving life for the crime,
but did he really do it?


Debenhams at Christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us….

The TRC team are always on the lookout for great window displays
and retail concepts wherever we are in the world. See our collection of photos
taken out and about this Christmas.