Derek Rose Women's Pop Up Harrods


The Brief
To design and produce a new nine-square meter Pop up shop within Harrods to showcase their SS18 range of sleepwear inspired by the Rose family’s holiday travels in India. The signature hand drawn print of the season depicting scenes of India’s vibrant wildlife and architecture served as the leitmotiv for the new range which was supported by two other colour way patterned prints. A mood board and the brands inspiration helped us to visualise and plan the concept.

The open space in Harrods could be accessed by two walk ways with one large rectangular column occupying one of the corners. The column had mirrors on the two shorter sides with the longer sides offering a great opportunity for a campaign graphic to complement the space. The fixtures needed to accommodate hanging sleepwear consisting of tops, bottoms and full length gowns.

The design needed to showcase the range and draw direct influence from the ‘Hero’ print whilst alluding to an Indian temple architectural style, pattern and feel. The Pop up would be in-store for approximately 3 weeks.

Derek Rose Pop Up Brief - Excerpt

The Design
Our design was driven by the scalloped arches typically found in grand Indian temples and palaces. Three gondolas consisting of four sides and a hanging rail served as the structural basis to display the product, one tall gondola to hold the gowns and two lower gondolas to hold sleepwear sets.

The front and back panels serve as archways to access the product while the solid sides with a scalloped top profile provide support for the hang rail. The protruding hang rail is capped by two spherical and flat base finials, fitting perfectly in line with the style dictated by the curved and straight-line profile of the panels and design language.

Derek Rose Pop Up Harrods Design 2D Plans

The flat surfaces of the sides showcase the Brindisi 24 hero print set in outlined windows following the outer shape. Stark white spaces are toned down with a pale grey pattern of the Derek Rose monogram logo. The large column wrap follows the design with arched panels allowing visibility and access to the existing mirrors. Inspiration for the pale blue and crisp white colour palette comes from the vibrant ‘Hero’ print with its variety of blues and hints of complementary orange and browns.

Printed 10mm Foamex panels offer the perfect medium for the execution as it is lightweight and easy to manufacture. The Foamex panels are grounded on a 40mm MDF base holding them in place ensuring that the lightweight gondolas don’t topple over. The sides are bonded together with very high strength double sided tape and PVC angle strips forming a rigid box. All the components were manufactured, printed and cut in two short days ready for the overnight install at Harrods.

Derek Rose Pop Up Harrods 3D Design

The Install
The entire fixture set arrived in store on a small trolley and was much lighter and compact than traditional MDF/Steel constructions. The bases were laid down and the side panels bonded together followed by the other two sides in succession. The hang rail was fed through the provided holes and held in place with the two finials glued on with adhesive.

Installing Derek Rose Pop Up Harrods

The process was clean and fast and in no time, all three gondolas were built and in situ leaving only the column wrap to be completed once the campaign graphics were applied to the two larger column sides. The last step was applying the logo vinyl to the mirror.

Installing Derek Rose Pop Up Harrods
Derek Rose Women's Pop Up Harrods  - Detail
Derek Rose Women's Pop Up Harrods

From unwrapping to completion, the Pop Up was installed in under two hours and we think it looks great!

Hein Krug
Retail Planner & Designer