Clare’s Reebok Market Visit to Madrid


Last week I joined the Reebok Global team on a market visit to Madrid. I arrived at Heathrow very early and was on the first flight of the day- I was even there before security opened! I joined the Reebok team at the last location of their European trip (our MD Tony had been supporting the team in other cities)

Heathrow Airport Shops

I left a grey and cold London and arrived in a sunny and beautiful Madrid 2 hours later. After a short taxi ride I arrived at our first location El Corte Inglés in Puerta del Sol.

Madrid Skyline.jpg

I was looking forward to visiting the Reebok space in El Corte Inglés as this is a store that I have not had the chance to visit before. During the market visit we critiqued the space and offered advice on how to increase the productivity. After the visit we always prepare a visit summary and key actions report for the market to reference.

We will also be supporting the store with VM guidelines, so it was great to physically visit the space to familiarise myself with it and identify any challenges.

Madrid Montage

I had never visited Madrid before and enjoyed spending time in this vibrant city.

Images of Madrid

On the second day I attended a meeting with the team at the Reebok Brand Space in Madrid. They were holding a press day and were showcasing the SS18 range that is due to launch in January. It was fantastic to see the press engaging with the product and experiencing the brand- they even had a local artist there painting different areas in the space.

Reebok in Madrid

After our visit to El Corte Inglés we visited WOD Element. This store consists of 3 floors- there is a CrossFit box in the basement, Reebok is located on the entirety of the ground floor and the first floor featured several other brands and a ‘healthy corner’. The store was preparing for a refurbishment when we visited and it is due to re-open soon!

WOD Element in Madrid.jpg

In the afternoon we carried out some competitor analysis. The Iberian market team had identified key stores around Madrid which we spent time in reviewing the store format, visual merchandising and product offer.

Examples of VM in Madrid.jpg

I had a brilliant couple of days visiting the stores and working with the Reebok global team!