Radley Christmas Gifting Units


Earlier this year Radley approached us to design their Christmas pop up display units. The brief was to design a collection of different sized units that could be disposed of easily and conveniently. In previous years Radley had found it a challenge to manoeuvre and dispose of their seasonal fixtures and were looking for a better solution.

The mood board and product range provided by Radley gave us a clear direction and we set about researching ideas and sketching. Four concepts were initially worked up and presented back to the Radley team. Given that a small footprint was required, this helped us quickly decide the concept to develop further.

The concept clearly referenced the Radley store fixtures with a copper and white colour palette, with several variations worked up to show how this colour palette could be used. The design was intentionally pared back to allow for the gift products to take centre stage. Cardboard was an obvious choice of material to use, being both environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of.

Using the box sizes of the gift products, we set about working out how we could fit everything into the smallest footprints possible. I knew my years of playing Tetris as a child would come in handy at some point! The collection of cardboard boxes stacked on top of one another ensured the unit would be structurally sound whilst clearly segregating the various gift products Radley wanted to present.

Three designs were developed in total; a large freestanding unit, a smaller freestanding unit and a table-top unit for locations with limited floor space.

When the designs and technical drawings were completed, we sent the work to Service Graphics who took on the challenge to produce them. Earlier this month they arrived in store and we think they look great! Not only are they easy to dispose of, they have provided a clever way to showcase the wonderful Christmas gift range from Radley.