Christmas at Ridge Farm 2017


To celebrate Christmas 2017, we returned to Ridge Farm in Capel near Dorking. A beautiful old Tudor farmhouse, the grounds also contain a Pool House, tennis court and a converted barn that was once a famous recording studio.

 It’s the perfect place for us all to be for 24 hours of fun, relaxation and to hold yet another great TRC house party!

After arriving to mulled wine and a festive lunch we enjoyed an afternoon creative art session which culminated in us producing four large canvas paintings in small groups.  These masterpieces were centred around key themes that as a team we felt were required to successfully work together. 

Gail from the Art Academy who led the session was engaging, knowledgeable and fun and made it very easy for the painting novices like me to feel comfortable!

We kicked off the session with a game called Shaggy dog which left us all laughing hysterically as we made up a story from random images we had quickly sketched.

This was followed by a short introduction to abstraction and some discussion around a series of famous abstract paintings.  We talked about what we liked and disliked about the paintings and gave our opinions as to what they might represent, what we could see and how they made us feel. 

Using acrylic paints, we then drew our own abstract interpretation of something we could see and shared these with each other.  We developed this further by looking at painting a group of ‘something’ and then finally by painting to music.  I enjoyed this the most and it was fun to see people’s interpretations!

A quick change in to something more glamorous and the evening kicked off with champagne and presents.

Secret Santa was the usual fun and the bar was certainly raised this year with the quality of gift wrapping and presentation, making it hard to guess who had bought what. Unsurprisingly, our VM’s won hands down!

We tucked in to a delicious meal cooked by our talented MD Tony and continuing the art theme, the dining table was a vision in silver and neon, with bright colours, pink flamingos and mini canvas place cards. Not your traditional Christmas decorations but we like to be different!

The party continued in to the small hours with lots of laughing, drinking, dancing and just a hardcore few still left at 2.30am! The perfect way to end another great year.

Merry Christmas everyone!