Four things Kat found interesting this weekend…


Four things that Kat found interesting this weekend….

1.  The new switch House extension at the Tate Modern, beautifully designed with 10 new levels of gallery space, worth a visit to the top floor to see a spectacular 360 degree view of our magnificent capital city.

Tate Modern

2.  The Infinatemix, a Hayward Gallery off site exhibition bringing together audio visual artworks.  A wide range of installations from subline images by Rachel Rose layered with astronaut David Wolf’s haunting description of life in space to beat poet John Giorno performing on an empty stage in a multi screen graphic installation by Ugo Rondinone.  A must see that is free and runs until 4th December.

The Infinite Mix

3.  I love a good podcast and Untold has become my new favourite, phone hacking, burglary, bugging and bribing bent cops, the story of Daniel Morgan the most investigated murder in British history is told in gripping fashion through interviews and piecing together of evidence within the context of 1980’s South London.

Untold The Daniel Morgan Murder Podcast

4.  adidas launched a new Athletics collection called Z.N.E last week, the hoodie is designed to help athletes achieve complete pre game focus with a distraction proof hood which blocks out external distractions.  TRC joined the adidas global team on a retail tour of London to see the collection landed across a range of stores & accounts, it was impressive to see a consistent strong message landed in the city.

adidas ZNE

Kat Maclennan - Visual Manager