Reebok Global Brand Event – Barcelona 2017


On Wednesday 26th April Tony, Stacey, Clare and I landed in sunny Barcelona to support our client Reebok with their Global Brand Event that was being held exclusively at the luxury W hotel.

This is a really important event within the marketing calendar as Reebok build a huge retail showcase demonstrating how the brand can come to life at retail. Hundreds of retailers around the world attend this exclusive event where they can see all of the exciting new season products and experience it just like a customer would in store.

Five different sized retail environments were created for this showcase event and we worked meticulously on the pre event planning to ensure that all of the new products were presented in the best possible way within each retail space.

We arrived in Barcelona a few days before the event to help prepare and support the Reebok team. This involved constructing the RSM spaces, building the mannequins and setting up all the hardware ready to merchandise them.

When the spaces were ready we all worked together to carefully merchandise each area, following the Reebok principles, brand standards and VM guidelines.

It was truly a pleasure working as part of the Reebok Global team, sharing knowledge, ideas and further building the great working relationship we have with them.

TRC in Barcelona
TRC in Barcelona
TRC in Barcelona

Cigie Florent
Assistant Visual Manager