adidas Homecourt Concept


Launched in 2014, The adidas HomeCourt concept brings the spirit of sport to retail, creating a place where consumers can feel the energy of the game, the thrill of the event and the frenzy of the fans.

TRC have worked closely with the Adidas Global Retail Environments (GRE) team for approximately 2 years to help bring all aspects of the concept implementation together.

Initially the TRC VM team worked with GRE Team to design and develop the VM strategy for the concept. This included input into the store layout and fixture design to ensure that the desired merchandising principles could be achieved. The TRC VM team then worked with the adidas GRE team on the initial prototype fixtures, to merchandise them and identify any modifications required.

Once the concept was finalised the TRC Design team and VM team were tasked with creating 3 comprehensive manuals:

  • HomeCourt Real Estate Guide – a tool providing all the key information required for securing the most suitable site for an adidas HomeCourt store, to ensure a clear and consistently recognisable format across the globe, with enough inbuilt flexibility to suit local market requirements.
  • HomeCourt Store Planning Guide – a tool providing all the information needed to ensure common approach to store planning, fixture procurement and implementation worldwide.
  • HomeCourt Visual Merchandising Manual – a toll providing all the key information required for the VM preparation, planning and implementation of all Homecourt environments. The manual allows adidas to achieve a common approach to VM implementation across Homecourt stores worldwide.

As well as providing comprehensive written support, the TRC VM team were on hand to assist the adidas team with the opening of the world’s largest Homecourt store, the Adidas Brand Centre in Bejing and the first UK Homecourt store in Bluewater.

TRC were thrilled to be so thoroughly involved in bringing such a fantastic retail concept to life.

VM ProjectsAllie Astell