Reebok In Market Coaching


Throughout the year we manage up to 20 global market visits covering the key markets from Spain through to Japan.

Each visit includes a team that represent Reebok Global HQ including Merchandising, VM, Marketing, Retail Strategy and us at TRC to provide retail expertise, coaching and development as well as an objective outside viewpoint that is valued by the markets.

For each market visit all local key stakeholders that are responsible for retail implementation will be involved, this includes Sales, VM, Merchandising, Marketing and Operations, creating a cross functional approach for success.

The visit will take a deep dive into the local strategy and how they are performing vs. their plans compared to the global direction. We will also explore any challenges and opportunities.

Following the strategy review we all go into the field together visiting their key retail doors. As a group we assess what’s been implemented and identify short term quick fixes and the longer term development possibilities.

During each door visit we may conduct some quick hands on VM to visually correct the space in order to follow brand guidelines and increase the commercial potential. Whenever we do this, we always measure the before and after results, we have experienced a positive spike in sales every time.

At the end of the market visit we regroup and agree an action plan. This is followed up with a very detailed post visit report and scorecard. We will have regular touch ins with each market to monitor progress before completing the next visit in six months time.

We have proved that to have sustainable growth, improved competency and consistency of implementation we need to maintain regular communication and visit frequency to the key markets.

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