Reebok Store Planning


Working for Reebok World Headquarters, TRC are the approved partner to provide dedicated store planning, design and visualisation services globally.

TRC work closely with the international market managers in order to establish their specific retail implementation needs. For each store request, both 2D plans and 3D visualisations are created. Each market will use these to present the concept to store and centre managers for approval. Once the retail concept has been signed off, TRC then prepare a detailed fixture order through a central platform taking this pressure away from each market.

TRC  also create very detailed Reebok Retail Concept installation manuals. These are comprehensive guides that cover all store planning and installation specifications.

These guides include:

Key store planning principles
Example Zone plans
Hardware specifications
Key architectural principles
Health & safety standards
Lighting guidelines
Services guidelines
Back of House guidelines
Project management guidelines

TRC provide Reebok with both store planning services and manual production across all of their retail concepts both full price and outlet stores.