Pinacotheque de Paris, a privately curated museum closed it’s doors in early 2016 in the fabulous 8th Arrondissement blaming a downturn in numbers due to the Paris terror attacks.

From this tragedy, a unique opportunity arose for three founding partners who had a shared passion and vision for this historic and beautiful Haussman building.

LA. SALLE. DE. SPORT. was conceived, not just as a place to indulge in sport, but as a real hub, a place of initiation to the latest sporting trends. Offering master classes, indoor and outdoor courses and workshops (mental, preparation, dietary) in a space of 1700sqm.

At the very heart of the building would be a 250sqm Reebok concept store, 100% dedicated to the “practice of fitness.”

For Reebok, this was more than a Flagship as this unique venue offered the opportunity to train in a beautiful space whilst having access to the latest technical and innovative products on sale in the store. We were asked to create and deliver this vision for the retail space. This would be a commercial space, offering both fitness and lifestyle products whilst functioning as a theatre of news and activations for the brand: launching new products, sports events for brand partners, product tests and photo shoots.

From the initial site survey In November 2016, it was clear that this was a tough brief given some of the structural challenges of the historical building and the requirements and views from all interested parties. But we were excited to be involved in such a great project and to utilise our skills and knowledge to help bring the concept to life.

Through a combination of basic 2d space planning, sketches, mood boards and discussions an initial proposal was created. This basic layout plan is produced to quickly establish the capacity of the retail space which can then be compared to the actual buy for the space that the client has committed to.

Following on from the initial plans were several rounds of changes, tweaking fixture configurations to maximise the amount of product on show and the opportunity to purchase but also create an engaging consumer journey through the use of communication tools and creative visual merchandising.

Clear direction and valued input from our VM team helps us develop the vision. This ensures that we can deliver not only a beautiful compelling retail space but one that is very commercial and has a clearly defined consumer journey that engages, intrigues and excites.

A visit to the factory in the Czech Republic in late May 17 was needed to assess and sign off the prototypes on behalf of the client.

Whilst our design team developed the look of the fascia and created a window solution that could be used by the store and the gym to help communicate the offer, our VM team worked on zoning the store and planning the exact location of each article.

A store specific opening guide was produced which will be updated on a seasonal basis to include new product, key marketing styles, destination bay product and mannequin outfits.

In mid July’17 most works had been completed and the retail fixture installation was overseen by one of our project managers. Our VM’s arrived to help train and support the local French team to merchandise the store -using the guides we had created- for it’s soft opening several days later.

The grand opening took place on the 16th November and was a huge success.

The large Reebok ceiling delta hovers above you on entering the store, from here your eyes are drawn to the gender specific footwear walls and the destination zones for all your fitness needs.

As you walk further into the store you get a glimpse of the Reebok Classic footwear, a UR Reebok zone where you can customise your own trainers, a café for a quick smoothie or caffeine kick and you can even spy a class going on in the background.

We will continue to support this special space with VM and sell in guides for SS’18 and FW’18.

The key to its success will be the community it builds and the hub it creates in its unique and stunning location. It exudes a cool but friendly air and all the ingredients are there to make it very special.