Reebok LAM Scale Model Training Kit


Creating the best consumer journey in any space small or large is the result of great space planning and visual merchandising. Therefore, space planning is a vital part of every one of our VM training workshops.

Not everyone has the ability to read a 2D plan, so this can be a challenge understanding how to plan a retail space and what’s involved. It is common practice for 3D environments and fixtures to be represented by 2D images, line drawings and schematics often making it difficult for people to visualise and translate these effectively in to real world space.

The best way to do this is with a physical shop. It gives a true perspective of what a store would actually look and ‘feel’ like however, this is often not a viable option, financially and logistically.

To overcome this challenge we designed and created a scale model kit for our client Reebok in LAM that can be used as a practical training tool to plan and arrange a store or retail space while learning how it fits together in three dimension.

3D printing was the chosen solution, it offers fast development and production time, minimal set up cost, a great level of detail and eliminates the difficulties of traditional model making.  After determining the scale (1:20) a prototype was created to test a floor rail model which confirmed that a resin printed model would be the best option for this project.

The remaining fixtures were generated with CAD, uploaded to an online 3D ordering platform and purchased. The small hardware components and products which needed to be shown on the fixtures as separate layers were represented by printed labels that attached to the model by means of plastic cards that hooked on to the fixtures space that represents the brick and mortar or white box space was created with foam board.

All of this kit is stored in a handy box and is a fantastic training tool that can be used time and time again to help people practically experience 3D space planning and VM principles remotely.