Ecco Shoes- VM Strategy & Implementation


At TRC we thrive when we can work holistically for brands and work with our clients to develop a fully integrated program.  We aim to totally understand brands, identify opportunities, develop and test strategies and tools before finally implementing and training concepts into global markets.

This process worked very successfully with our client ECCO shoes.  We began by gaining in depth knowledge of the brand history and ethos along with the product and marketing strategies, most importantly we collaborated with all teams working for the brand.  This was backed up with a range of store visits across Europe gaining insights into how retail was looking from a visual and product assortment perspective. 

We used this extensive exploration to develop a VM strategy and a range of principles to help ECCO portray a clear message to their consumer.  Our aim was to ensure customers could see the whole offer and easily identify what they were looking for in store, still being tempted by new things along the way.

New VM principles were then tested and monitored in store against approved  KPI’s making sure everything worked from a visual and commercial perspective.  The next step was to create an easy to follow VM guide that stores could use. 

We focused on providing information in a strong visual format, minimal text was used to aid understanding and minimise the need for translation in individual markets.  The TRC VM and 3D teams collaborated closely building 3D models of bench mark stores with the correct VM configurations, used for all visuals in the manual.

Through practical training and development this has helped to bring about sustained momentum and build a strong foundation of knowledge at all levels within the business to elevate the consumer journey through the use of visual merchandising.

We have worked with local teams across the EMEA region to develop a critical eye and establish a common viewpoint and over the past six months we have designed, developed and facilitated a series of tailored in market training programs that have generated fantastic feedback from Managers and their teams.

Within each test market we have helped to

  • Launch and induct the new VM guidelines

  • Visually corrected stores by implementing the new standard

  • Mobilised store managers, VM and sale teams to work in partnership

  • Assisted teams to create a cascade plan for the implementation and role out

  • Reviewed KPI’s to monitor results and share best practice

A truly integrated process end to end and we continue to support the EMEA and Global teams with their VM strategy and training as we plan for 2019.