Harrods “Design a new branded space"

We worked with LINN to design a unique space within the new premium technology department of Harrods.

We took time to understand their brand, its heritage and philosophy so that we could explore how to bring this to life.

LINN products are sold through independent specialist audio retailers who deliver excellent customer service through their highly trained teams. This space in Harrods was a perfect opportunity for them to speak directly with their target consumers.

Through our process of research, ideas generation, mood boards and initial sketches we produced a design built around a sensory customer journey.

The vibrant bespoke prints that clad the speakers attract the customer to the space where they can explore the range and exquisite craftmanship of the sound systems, turntables and headphones.

With LINN’S history rooted in mechanical engineering, the wall mounted lightbox contains an industrial landscape view with a crane as a symbol of Glasgow’s engineering heritage.

The displays are elevated by the colour palette of the wall and floor fixtures, which ensures that the product remains the focus. A dedicated listening room was built to ensure that any potential customers could hear the product at it’s acoustic best.

Store planning services we provided:

Site Survey
GA’s Elevations
3d Renders
Project management
Installation support

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“TRC helped us design and build our new concession in Harrods. Opening our only Linn-owned concession and London flagship storewas a brand new project for us, but Hein and Matt really took the time to understand our brand and our objectives for the concession byvisiting us and experiencing one of our hosted events. In addition, as we are not based in London, TRC met with Harrods to develop thedesign and discuss fixture requirements which was key in us achieving our deadlines. We had very strict brand guideline to work to, butTRC made sure elements of our brand still stood out in the department. Hein showed excellent attention to detail in all the concession designs and fixtures that he created, which really helped us understand how we could make best use of the space. We are very pleased with our concession and all the support we received from TRC both pre and post launch. Thanks you very much for all your help.”
Emma Shaw
Project Manager