Reebok APAC

APAC “Supporting a new concept rollout”

At the end of 2018 we started working with the Reebok Global team to support the APAC team to rollout a new “lifestyle” retail concept across their territory.

We worked together with APAC to get feedback from the local teams in order to create the final Concept store planning manual and the VM user guide used to support them at every stage of the rollout process.

The images show the first store with the new Vector lifestyle concept which opened in Shibuya, Japan.

After the initial concept feedback and refinements we travelled out to China to work with their prototype store.

We experimented with the new fixtures and store layout using the current product assortment.

Then we worked together with Global and the local VM’s to create a range of VM principles as well as identify if any additional hardware or adaptations were required.

On our return, we met with the manufacturer for a detailed prototype review.

All of our learnings were shared with the manufacturer so that they could find cost effective adaptations in order to ensure the retail concept provided a commercial solution that presented the brand with visual impact.

We then began work on 2 guidelines, the Concept store planning manual and the VM user guide.

Our VM and 3D teams worked together to create highly visual, clear and easy to follow guidelines. Ensuring accurate visuals in both guides, that strictly followed the space layout and VM principles agreed when working in the prototype store in China.

The detailed store planning manual enables the APAC region to plan their own stores during rollout, with us providing a remote checking service to assist with the fixture ordering process.

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A truly integrated and collaborative process, from seeing the initial prototype set ups in China, being hands on and merchandising the spaces, followed by a detailed prototype review meeting, planning the spaces, and creating the VM and Planning manuals for the markets.
“Having worked in the environmental/store design industry for well over 25 years, it has always been important to me to have great business partners to bring the projects I work on to successful ends. TRC has been one of those partners to me and Reebok. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to my brand are second to none.”
Peter Quagge
Director of Global Environment Design