That Al Salasil

Kuwait “Designing a new concept children’s store”

We were approached by retail brand management company That Al Salasil, with an open brief to design and develop a new premium multi-branded kid’s retail concept.

The brief called for a concept that would deliver a retail environment that would be flexible, simple and premium but also somewhere fun, that was easy to navigate.

After a short visit to Dubai to meet the client and visit inspirational stores, we began an in-depth exploration into children’s play habits and environments.

Design inspiration led to the adaptable and developing eco-system of the African Savanna and its many animal inhabitants. From this, we created a geometric and modular design that allows flexibility and adaptability of all fixtures and furniture.

An inviting and luxurious facade where street meets the Savanna, first attracts the consumer and encourages interaction with a large geometric tree inspired by the silhouette of the iconic Acacia tree. This provides a cool extension of the stores interior.

The faceted materials and geometric shapes continue into the store where you first meet one of the many 3d animal characters. Like the animals of the African Savanna, all the characters in the store are important to create a dynamic environment to explore. The 3D animals provide pops of colour and visual breaks to the store layout, they are also fully interactive.

Interaction is what makes ‘Savanna’ such a distinctive store concept, and the central geodesic dome being the main attraction. Built to mirror the African Savanna, its safari tent like structure adds impact and theatre, drawing customers through the store.

With traditional games built into the interior, an interactive floor projection provides hundreds of games. Parts of the exterior are used as a visual merchandising tool. The central geodesic dome delivers a unique social experience that will engage and excite customers.

The target consumer has a taste for high end International fashion, therefore the design of the fixtures and furniture enable a clear definition of each brand. The luxury gloss white and gold materials allow for simple presentation of product, whilst the modularity is in keeping with the geometric design.

This unique consumer journey ends with a visit to the cash desk. Designed to reflect a playful elephant emerging from a waterfall, it carries on the theme of fun and interactivity. With so much to occupy the senses in the Savanna store, the large and brightly coloured elephant and the glass cubes echoing falling water, ensures it is easy to navigate to your final purchase.

A cross functional team of visual merchandisers and retail designers ensured the success of the project from start to finish.

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“The store, with its eye-catching design and charismatic geometric animals continues to attract, excite and engage with both children and parents alike”