Tokyo Travels

Throughout the year we manage up to 20 global market visits for our client Reebok from Spain to Japan.  (That’s the Reebok office on the top floors of the skyscraper in the picture, taken from the ANA Intercontinental hotel in Tokyo where we stay!)

With the VM teams from Reebok Global HQ we look at strategy and performance, make recommendations and provide in store training and support where needed.  These visits to the key global markets are vital to ensure that brand standards are maintained and that commercial success is consistently achieved.

In between store visits we had the chance to explore so we headed to the mens store in Hankyu for some retail therapy and inspiration, a few of our highlights and fun sights are here..

An interesting display and wayfinding floor graphic for the vintage and revival Base Man collection. We can’t decide if Ronald McDonald is cute or rather scary though!

Premium industrial style fixtures at Balenciaga

Stylishly lit fixtures and caribiner hung product at Herno.

Re imagining the store without walls, Birkenstock uses beautifully crafted raw materials predominantly slate and wood, to create modular seating blocks and fixtures incorporating plants and greenery that draw you in to the space.

Classic simple displays in Globe Trotter of the Centenary collection ‘London Square’ case. Hand luggage sized vintage inspired cases that you can carry with you.

On trend - socks and sandles is definitely now a thing and these ones caught our eye with their draw string satin ruffle edge.

The adoption of men’s make up as part of their grooming routine has been steadily growing in Japan. Launched in 2018 Fiveism X THREE is a leading brand and hosts regular pop up events, workshops and demos.

Lexus Meets is a great example of a cleverly designed space that delivers a well thought out experiential customer journey. A carefully curated premium lifestyle store, it offers boutique shopping, a showroom, simulator and cafe that are categorised in to car related themes such as ‘Touch and Drive’, ’Steer and Ring’ and ‘The Spindle’

Specially commissioned glass within the Lexus Meets concept.

‘The Spindle’ cafe within the Lexus Meets Concept

Vending machines in the stair wells of the Hankyu store sell everything from T shirts to condoms!

Plastic food displays are standard in Japan. We wonder if the placement of various Thunderbirds figures is a nod to the fact that they have an English menu available! We didn’t eat here so can’t comment but the quirky display made us smile!

But our exquisitely presented sashimi was a work of art and there wasn’t a hint of plastic in sight!

We love the Hermes building, designed by architect Renzo Piano, it houses the Tokyo flagship store of the French fashion house and is covered with 13,000 custom-fabricated glass blocks. The Ginza Maison Hermes Forum is the first solo exhibition of Paris-based artists and The building is currently adorned with Toki’s “Utsurohi, Tayuta Hitani Tonami” and is the first attempt to illustrate the changing time and the flow of light inside and outside of the world.

Simple but clever use of spray paint to draw attention and drive traffic to the basement entrance of the Hay store in Harajuku did just the job and caught our eye.

We even drove past our name sake while we were here! And finally, there’s no need to worry about finding a car parking space as the car park does it for you using a moving floor and hydraulic lift. It’s delivered back to you in the same way when you are ready to leave. No fuss, no finding a space, no forgetting where you’ve parked! we could get used to this!