Optimising sell in & global brand standards through Visual Merchandising tools

A key factor for a retailer to achieve optimum sell through is making sure they are presented with the optimum assortment at sell in!

Each Season a team from TRC travel over to Reebok’s Global headquarters in Boston to work with Reebok’s Global CTC (Concept to Consumer) team to create a seasonal tool that provides the markets with all the collateral they need for the sell in process.

This is the “What Good Looks Like Tool” (WGLL)

The aim is to provide one aligned seasonal Global vision of how the brand should be presented at retail both in terms of product and fixtures.

The tool is used by the global markets to validate their product assortment and provide visual store examples to support their sell in meetings with retail accounts in each country.

Using Mockshop software we create 7 different RSM (RetailSpace Management) Shop In Shop layouts for each quarter.  To ensure the markets have examples to present to all the different accounts, these layouts cover various SIS sizes and retail channels. Ranging from 15m2 single gender spaces to 45m2 Dual gender spaces,some with footwear walls, some without and covering Commercial Sport, Brand Sport and Brand Leisure channels.

We work with the Reebok CTC merchandising team to create specific product assortments for each space. Making sure the number of collections and the number of pieces per collection fit to the size of the space allowing enough depth and range of product and also that the range of collections and the price points work with the channel of the space. These product assortments are also built with the perfect balance of the seasons recommended colour stories, key Mannequin outfits and key marketing stories.

Using different Visual merchandising techniques in different spaces and working with the differing assortments allows us to show how the Reebok brand can be presented appropriately in a number of different retail channels.

The tool is then delivered to the markets prior to their seasonal internal sales meetings so it can be discussed and if needed adapted to local needs before it is used in external sell in meetings.

As TRC also provide sell through VM guides for many Reebok RSM Spaces across the globe and as we visit key RSM spaces each season, we are fortunate that a year after producing the Seasonal WGLL tool we get to see the outcome. We see first-hand how, when the WGLL tool is used effectively and the retailer buys the correct assortment for their space, the results can be fantastic,and it leads to increased sales and improved brand presence.

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