Richard in NYC


One of the great things about being a part of a Global VM consultancy is that we get to travel – a lot! It’s something that none of us take for granted. Of course it’s part of the job, but it also offers some amazing opportunities to see fantastic places, experience new cultures, and develop new ways of thinking.

Last month I was lucky enough to take a trip across the pond to the real life film set that is ‘New York’ City. I was asked to present a retail window system, design by TRC, to an American creative agency on behalf of our client, Reebok.  There was a bit of free time to sample some quintessential NYC activities, and see some new ideas in action.

Arriving in glorious sunshine, I made my way to Manhattan Island in the iconic yellow cab, crossing the Hudson River via the Williamsburg Bridge greeted by probably the most famous city skyline in the World.

I spent the next two days taking in the sights, walking through Central Park, Times Square, exploring the different neighbourhoods, each one feeling like its own small town with a distinct character and flavour. There were pockets of ugliness but like beauty, it’s quite photogenic, there were examples of this wherever I walked, the rubbish, dirt and graffiti adding to the character of the cityscape.

You can check out more photos of my trip here

Richard McVetis – Visual Manager, TRC