The Story So Far


It seems like a whole lifetime ago, when back in September 1999, I decided to set up TRC.

As we launch our new website, and having recently relocated to a great new workspace that we are incredibly proud of, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to share with everyone my story of why I set up TRC.

I cut my teeth in retail with four years working for Ward White PLC in the shoe business. Then 6 years with Sears UK, working for Olympus Sports, and finally 3 years with a VM agency working as a consultant and getting my first taste of working for some exciting global brands.

Early in 1999 Reebok approached me, offering me a great opportunity to work for them at their European base in Amsterdam. I thought long and hard about this and rather than relocate, together with Reebok we created an opportunity for me to set up external VM support. Tony Read Consulting (TRC) was born.

So at 29 years old I was my own boss. I didn’t really give it much thought at first, but then, when you first have to say the words out loud and introduce yourself as the MD of TRC, it began to hit home and seemed a little scary, but at the same time very exciting.

By the time I launched TRC I’d honed my core skills and was clear that Visual Merchandising or as I prefer to refer to it as Visual Management, was my passion, and at the core of the TRC service offer.

Over the past 15 years I have steadily grown the business to where we are now. I’m very proud of the Team and the amazing clients we work with, who quickly become part of our everyday lives.

I have a simple approach to managing TRC, which allows the Team and myself to focus on the client, understand their needs and develop how we can all work together to provide support in creating and delivering our clients specific brand experience.

At TRC we all love what we do, and because of our shared knowledge, experience, passion and our collaborative approach, we are often seen as an extension of our clients own Teams.

My goal is to maintain the original integrity of TRC and keep delivering great partnerships with our clients, and to continue to enjoy working with great people across our business relationships.