Store Planning and Design Team – VM Principles with Tony

VM Examples

A vital part of our training at TRC is ensuring that our 3D/Store planning and design team fully understand and remain up to date on VM principles and trends when designing and planning retail spaces for our clients.

Tony and the team spent a day visiting some carefully selected stores in London to further develop everyone’s critical eye, help them gain a deeper understanding of each environment they saw and to consider how these are used to deliver a specific consumer experience at retail. This helps to establish a consistent point of view when talking about the various components involved in developing a retail environment and consumer journey.

Each team member was provided with their own personal learning booklet to support the day. The book included VM styles, merchandising hierarchy and how VM principles differ by channel. This enables the team to identify and understand a variety of different spaces and categorise the components and specific ingredients that retailers work with to create an environment.

VM Booklet

Sites visited included small boutiques and vertical retailers as well as premium stores such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols where we could identify how VM affects the consumer journey.

The visit also included the distinctively quirky Dover Street Market which recently opened in it’s new home, a heritage listed building on the city’s Haymarket. The team found design inspiration here, as each floor has it’s own personality and each brand clearly given freedom of design.

VM Examples
VM Examples

This was spent exploring various channels and shop types to see how the components of a retail environment are flexed to deliver a different result. In short, how things might change from a value retailer to a designer retailer.

These exercises are a great way to ensure we remain up to date with current retail trends, new brands and that VM principles are ‘fresh in the mind’ in preparation for future design projects.

Jon Webb

Retail Store Planner and Designer