VM Implementation - ECCO Shoes

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As part of our ongoing collaboration with Danish brand ECCO shoes, we have continued to grow a powerful partnership that is spearheading change throughout their retail landscape.

Following on from our initial research and the creation of new VM principles and brand standards for Ecco we have completed the next phase of this project with an extensive global training programme.

Through practical training and development this has helped to bring about sustained momentum and build a strong foundation of knowledge at all levels within the business to elevate the consumer journey through the use of visual merchandising.

We have worked with local teams across the EMEA region to develop a critical eye and establish a common viewpoint and over the past six months we have designed, developed and facilitated a series of tailored in market training programs that have generated fantastic feedback from Managers and their teams.

These fun, interactive and practical workshops have helped the teams to understand the role of visual merchandising, how it is a sales driver and that everyone in the business has a role to play in VM as every decision will ultimately affect the consumer.

Within each test market we have helped to:

  • Launch and induct the new VM guidelines
  • Visually corrected stores by implementing the new standard
  • Mobilised store managers, VM and sale teams to work in partnership
  • Assisted teams to create a cascade plan for the implementation and role out
  • Reviewed KPI’s to monitor results and share best practice

We are looking forward to a busy year ahead as we support the global team with their training rollout and continue to support  the EMEA region with VM. Planning for 2019 is also underway!